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Springboard for the Arts is bringing artist Alo Osberg back to Otter Tail County for a residency with the Lakes Area Precious Plastic Lab from February 21 through March 20.

Osberg was a

Hinge Artist

in early 2020, and initially sparked the idea for the Plastic Lab, which is now at the Otter Tail County Recycling Center.

Osberg is an interdisciplinary artist and maker who uses performance, participatory and conceptual art to facilitate inquiry and wonder. Blurring the lines of craft and fine art, Osberg explores the possibilities of a “folk futurism” that marries ancestral knowledge with modern synthetic materials and waste, according to an Otter Tail County press release. .

Based in Minneapolis, Osberg has worked with museums, theaters, schools, and festivals nationally and internationally to produce interactive exhibits, sculptures, experimental puppets, and workshops.

“It’s gratifying to see what was just an idea raised by an artist-in-residence a few years ago take shape and take root in a creative community solution with a local community organization. It shows the importance of giving people the opportunity to reflect, to come together, and to try things on a small scale to see what is possible,” said Michele Anderson, rural program director Springboard for the Arts.

Osberg will lead a series of workshops that will use recyclable aluminum casting to create plastic injection molds for artists interested in creating their own tools and products with recycled plastic. There will also be an artist talk, a “plastic discovery day” and a recycled plastic artwork installation in Otter Tail County.

The Lakes Area Precious Plastic Lab is a unique plastic recycling space located in the County Recycling Center that provides space for hands-on recycling experiences and creative collaboration. For more information visit the

Otter Tail County website

or the

Facebook page of the plastic laboratory


  • Artist Talk: Wednesday March 16 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. (virtual)
  • Plastic Discovery Day: Sunday, March 20, 1-4 p.m. (Otter Tail County Recycling Center)

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