Company launches technology that can recycle any plastic


The Plastonix system is inexpensive, generates extremely low carbon emissions, is energy efficient and simple. It uses a non-toxic, i.e. organic chemical, basically a green chemical, in its processes. It is a tested, proven and unique plastic reuse system that fuses all types of plastics together, recyclable and non-recyclable into a fused intermediate product. This product can then be transformed into transformable chips or a powered material.

There may be another reassignment as filler or parallel material for virgin plastic resins or converted to composite material, such as

  • paving material
  • cobblestone building blocks
  • Tile beams
  • Sheets
  • Boards

The company uses technology that uses an infusion process which, depending on the situation, may require no sorting, cleaning or recycling.



This patent-pending technology can process all types of “petroleum-derived materials”. Petroleum-derived materials refer to petroleum-derived materials as processed in petroleum refineries. The Plastonix system can process more than one type of petroleum-derived material at a time. There could be at least ten different types of petroleum-derived materials that can be combined at the same time, all at the same time during the process.

Materials include materials naturally present in petroleum, such as paraffin wax and synthetically derived petrochemicals. The system can also handle all kinds of levels, shapes and/or material mixtures of contaminants.

Plastonix can process materials such as

  • single use plastic shopping bags,
  • plastic straws
  • putty reinforced plastics
  • elastomer
  • neoprene
  • asphalt shingles
  • plastics combined with a flame retardant
  • rubber
  • automotive components

One of the very destructive petroleum-derived materials that the Plastonix system can handle is polystyrene. It is a toxic petroleum product that is often associated with land degradation and disease.

Overall, the materials may or may not be cleaned, sorted or not, and may be a mixture of virgin plastic and plastic waste.

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