Disneyland Resort Celebrates 2020 and 2022 Environmental Champion and Team of the Year

To mark Earth Day last monththe Disneyland Resort named its Environmental Champion and Team of the Year for 2022, and finally honored the 2020 winners.

From the Disney Parks Blog:

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, the Disneyland Resort Environmental Integration Team hosted a celebration to reveal the nominees for Environmental Champion and Team of the Year 2022, a peer recognition program designed to highlight individuals and teams who are making environmentally friendly changes in their work. areas. Additionally, the 2020 winners were invited to this year’s event as we were unable to recognize them in person due to station closures. Each team received $2,500 to donate to the charity of their choice.

Environmental Champion of the Year 2022:

Improved lumber, horticulture, and Rhonda resorts

The Disneyland Resort features a variety of foliage with approximately 16,000 living trees adorning the grounds. When a tree dies, there are few options for reusing the extracted plant. They can either be sent to a third party to be made into mulch or sent to a landfill.

A cast member, Rhonda Wood, had a vision to preserve the feelings our cast members and guests have with the trees at the resort.

“I’ve been here 25 years, starting as a gardener and tree climber trimming trees, and getting rid of trees is never easy,” Rhonda said. Over the past few years, Rhonda has been implementing a new program to save the station’s urban wood which was nearing the end of its life.

“These are living things that have been in the park for generations, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to create a program that can give these trees a new path,” she adds.

For Rhonda, retired resort trees deserve to live on as ambassadors of our brand’s commitment to being stewards of the earth. She has kept several of these trees that guests and cast members can view at various locations around the resort.

At Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, guests are welcomed to the Tenaya Stone Spa with a front desk crafted from salvaged Disneyland Resort wood by Rhonda and her team. Rhonda also led the effort to reuse a cedar tree planted by Disneyland Resort Horticulture legend Bill Evans, and the tree now serves as the office of Tony Castillo, vice president of facilities and operations. Rhonda also participated in the Environmental Art Challenge with her team and submitted the artwork entitled “Gone but not Forgotten”, which used the stump of an olive tree (removed from the Disneyland hotel) as the base of a table. .

2022 Environmental Team of the Year:

On-Stage Food Recovery: Galactic Grill & Walt Disney Imagineering

Reducing food waste is a big part of the Disneyland Resort’s environmental goals to help us achieve zero waste by 2030. Last year, Imagineers from Walt Disney Imagineering and Cast Members from Galactic Grill Operations have presented the first set of bins with a separate bin to encourage customers to participate in food waste recovery during their visit.

The Imagineers and members of the Galactic Grill’s Food & Beverage cast took on the challenge of inviting guests to participate in sorting their own food waste. These two teams showed courage by volunteering to be the first station site to test the new bins.

“I knew the environmental team was looking for a place to test the three-bin system. I volunteered because I knew this team was flexible enough to do it,” said Brian Eastman, Food and Beverage Production Manager.

Galactic Grill cast members take ownership of the new system and teach curious guests how to properly sort their food. “There was no resistance, there were questions and everyone was really on board to understand from the start,” Brian said.

2020 Environmental Team of the Year:

Disneyland Resort Chefs

In 2019, Disneyland Resort chefs diverted more than 3,000 tons of food from the landfill, earning them the 2020 Environmental Team of the Year award. It has become significant for people like Chef John State, the Disneyland Resort’s culinary director, to take action against food waste, developing recipes with sustainable resources and working with partners around the resort to create programs that donate excess food to local organizations like Second Harvest. CO food bank.

At the Disneyland Resort, we’re on track to send zero waste to landfill by 2030 as our teams learn and work together to find region-specific solutions. This Earth Month, we have focused on zero waste and our cast members continue to support our resort-wide initiatives.

2020 Environmental Champion of the Year:

Dave Steel

Dave Steele oversees a multitude of works at the Disneyland Resort. As Director of Distribution, Textile and Transportation Services, Dave manages everything from streetcars to linens used in Disneyland Resort hotels to warehouse operations. Even across the company’s various departments, Dave’s approach to sustainability is the same, challenging each team to find creative ways to divert waste from landfills. As the 2020 Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney Company Environmental Champion of the Year, Dave has led many efforts such as recycling Styrofoam, transporting goods to donation centers and ensuring that all Company assets go to Property Control, a cast member store that houses Company assets after they are no longer needed. All of these combined efforts are diverting waste to landfills, bringing Disneyland one step closer to a zero-waste future.

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