EPA asks industry to join its “Plastic Recycling Network”

  • By Lo Chi and Jake Chung/staff reporter, with a staff writer

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) yesterday invited manufacturers of electronic components to participate in its “Industrial Plastics Recycling Network”, to encourage companies to recycle at least 75% of their plastic waste. , compared to 65% currently.

Taiwan’s industrial sector produces more than 240,000 tons of plastic waste a year, but only 67,200 tons – or 28 percent – is recycled, he said.

While past efforts have focused on reducing plastic waste generated by everyday consumption and supermarket packaging, efforts should extend to industry so that they extend from production to distribution, a said Waste Management Department Director Lai Ying-ying (賴瑩瑩).

Photo: Lo Chi, Taipei Times

Hoping to introduce a concept of “circular recycling” at source, the agency asked industries to start sorting plastic waste into singular types to solve the difficulty of recycling composite plastic waste, Lai said.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) said it has released a supplier packaging white paper outlining what types of materials its suppliers can use.

With the help of in-house recyclers to help separate materials and its creation of 20 products made from recycled products, TSMC said it reuses 66% of its plastic waste.

TSMC deputy director Chen Kuo-ching (陳國清) said the company’s plastic reduction policies not only aim to reduce plastic waste at the source, but also encourage employees to recycle.

The 8,000 tons of reused plastic waste is reprocessed into trash bags, aluminum bars or recovered solid fuel, Chen said.

Yang Hung-long (楊宏隆), Director of TSMC’s Logistics and Warehouse Management Division, Yang Hung-long (楊宏隆), said the company hopes to achieve 95% reuse by 2025 .

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc (ASE) has announced the establishment of recycling centers to collect plastic waste generated by other plants and factories.

ASE’s recycling centers reused 4,300 tonnes of plastic waste last year, a reuse rate of 68%, the company said.

Tu Hsiu-mei (涂秀妹), senior director of ASE’s environmental engineering department, said the company aims to achieve 100 percent resource utilization of waste by 2024.

Separately, the EPA is also encouraging industries to increase their reuse rate by adopting innovative technologies, such as a technique used by Chieh An Environmental Engineering that can separate aluminum and plastic from aluminum-plastic composite packaging and reuse both materials.

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