Opening of SA’s Newest Domestic Recycling Facility

The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) was opened this afternoon by Sturt MP James Stevens MP, representing Environment Minister Sussan Ley, SA Environment Minister David Speirs, Mayor of Charles Sturt, Angela Evans and Deputy Mayor of Port Adelaide Enfield, Hannah Evans.

The $23.2 million state-of-the-art MRF, owned by the Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority (CAWRA), includes the latest optical sorting technology to produce clean products ideal for developing local markets.

CAWRA, a joint initiative of the cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield, designed and built the facility with $4.36 million in federal and state funding

Government Recycling Modernization Fund. It will be operated by the world leader in packaging and resource recovery, Visy.

In a first for South Australia, the MRF will feature a modern, interactive education center featuring a full-length glass viewing wall and elevated walkway, giving school and community groups a unique up-close view of the entire recycling process.

CAWRA CEO Rebekah Schubert said CAWRA’s goal is to build the local circular economy by prioritizing local markets.

“We want to see South Australian recyclables processed right here in South Australia. This facility means we will always have somewhere to go for our recycling and we will keep this local, in South Australia, at every opportunity to help grow our local circular economy,” Ms Schubert said.

“Visy Recycling, a leading operator of material recovery facilities and a leader in supporting Australia’s circular economy, will operate the facility.”

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley said the Kilburn plant was at the forefront of a nationwide transformation of the recycling industry and one of eight projects underway in South Australia .

“We need to recycle more, take responsibility for our waste and help Australians better understand the value of recycling to our environment and economy,” said Minister Ley.

“The Morrison government has made recycling a national priority and the South African government and CAWRA are showing that by working together we can create jobs and, in this case, find a new productive use for plastics and glass.”

South Africa’s Environment and Water Minister David Speirs said: ‘South Australia is a national leader in waste management and the opening of this new state-of-the-art recycling facility just north of the CBD will only make this situation even worse. reputation.

“With the capacity to process up to 50,000 tonnes of recyclables per year or the equivalent of 5,000 lorries, this will significantly increase our ability to process materials right here in South Australia.

“It’s not only good for the environment but good for the economy with three times more jobs created for every ton of waste recycled or reused instead of going to landfill.”

Mayor of the Town of Charles Sturt, Angela Evans, said, “The creation of the MRF is a momentous achievement in the future of recycling for our communities.

“Our residents can now have visibility and trust that our recycling will be handled locally and responsibly, to get back into the circular economy.”

Port Adelaide Enfield City Mayor Claire Boan said: “The MRF is going to be of great economic value to our local businesses. Finding ways to recycle our waste and turn it into everyday products is good for business and diverting waste from landfills is good for the environment.

Visy’s Executive General Manager for Recycling, Wayne Russell, said, “Recycling and sustainability are central to everything we do here at Visy. Together, Visy and CAWRA will recycle more materials, turning them into new food and beverage packaging and products.”

The new MRF was designed and built by Wastech Engineering and Pascale Construction.

CAWRA already has agreements in place to handle the recycling of:

  • City of Charles Sturt;
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield;
  • City of West Torrens;
  • Mount Barker District Council; and
  • Murray Rural Town Bridge


The Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority (CAWRA) is a regional branch of local government founded by the towns of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield. He was trained to establish the new state-of-the-art materials recovery facility in Kilburn.

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Visy is a global leader in packaging and resource recovery, and has been a pioneer in sustainability since its inception. Its innovation, manufacturing and logistics capabilities are organized around an integrated closed loop. Together, they bring to life tailored solutions that deliver lasting value to its customers, partners and communities.

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