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The new initiative aims to encourage the community to start recycling in an effort to help the country’s sustainability goals.

To mark World Recycling Day, the Qatar Foundation (QF) announced plans to build Qatar’s first-ever recycling center to encourage sustainability within the community.

Covering more than 8,000 square meters in Education City, Green Island will feature six recycling streams, including paper, plastic, aluminum cans, e-waste, batteries and organic waste.

The hub, built in partnership with Seashore Group, will be partially powered by solar panels as a renewable energy option and will be easily accessible by public transport, including the EC tram.

“It’s no secret that there is a huge recycling hole in Qatar,” said Nawal al-Sulaiti, sustainability manager at QF.

“And the desperate need to close that gap and do more to empower the community, especially the younger generation, and equip them with the tools to become environmentally conscious citizens, is what led to the birth of Green Island.”

The first of its kind project in Doha is expected to open to the public by October, if not sooner, QF said.

Visitors will be able to see 95 end-of-life shipping containers transformed into exhibits, restaurants and cafes as part of a massive recycling initiative. All containers are donated by Milaha, one of the largest shipping and logistics companies in the Middle East.

There will be no charges attached to the container. However, all principles should offer a value proposition to create a learning cycle. For example, those who start a vintage clothing recycling business will in turn need to offer community workshops on how to recycle.

In this way, the hub will cultivate a sustainability mindset in Qatar and hopefully take an important step towards change.

“We are laying the groundwork, but the Qatari community is what will drive this initiative,” Al-Sulaiti said.

“We hope that this green island will create a ripple effect that will mark the beginning of community recycling centers in Qatar and that soon we will see others wanting to replicate it, with recycling centers springing up in every neighborhood, just as we have parks.”

The younger generation is the target of the hub, she said, adding that they have great power to bring about change.

“It’s easier to get young people to adopt new habits than adults, and these young people can then lead their families to follow suit. Their power to effect change is enormous and is the driving force we need to cultivate a sustainability mindset in Qatar.

Education and awareness are the main goals of QF’s latest big project. In order to achieve the best sustainability vision, the hub will be built interactively to ensure an active learning experience.

“Each container will have a large screen that will allow community members to see the different stages a certain type of waste goes through when being recycled,” said Ouassim M. Alami, Strategic Initiatives Advisor, QF .

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What to expect?

The spacious center will include research labs, a themed gift shop, open exhibition and conference space, organic cafes and a farm-to-table restaurant with its on-site vertical farm.

Not only that, but Green Island will also house an art gallery where students can display recyclable waste, as well as a 3D printing lab that prints using recycled concrete.

“Think of Green Island as an incubator for any person or initiative that thinks green – there will be something for everyone,” Alami said.

“Awareness sessions for people who have not yet started recycling. Lectures and discussions for those who already do it but want to learn more about the details of recycling. Workshops for those who want to recycle waste. Mentoring sessions and a launch pad for those with a sustainable business idea. »

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