Recycling Discarded Items Can Become a Work of Art and Practical Home Decor | The Macleay Argus


When Wayne Dayman saw a damaged cello in a dumpster, his creativity and love of recycling was set in motion. After three weeks and 30 hours of work, the cello was converted into a unique bookshelf and surefire conversation piece in his home. “I learned how a cello is formed and made a new bridge and shelves myself from recycled wood,” Wayne said. “Now something that would have gone to landfill has been recycled into something useful and decorative.” Wayne is no stranger to upcycling as he has for years turned old metal objects and tools into sculptures which he sells in markets. The writer has often been asked about the metal cat sculpture in his house, made by Wayne, in which the cat playfully holds a ball. Wayne recommends upcycling not just as an environmental benefit, but as a great outlet for creativity. “Especially in times of a pandemic, it’s an entertaining pastime and trains you to see the possibilities of reusing discarded items.” Thanks Wayne. We can all learn a lesson here.


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