RTA steps up energy saving, paper recycling and waste management initiatives for metro and tram operations

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is working hard to improve the sustainability of all services and operations. This initiative is part of efforts to provide vital support to the Government of Dubai’s efforts to make Dubai the most sustainable and happiest city in the world.

RTA Rail Agency CEO Abdul Mohsin Kalbat said, “We are striving to achieve record levels of sustainability across all metro and tram operations and exalted facilities. Metro and tram operations require meticulous plans and processes that adhere to the highest global industry standards to ensure the highest Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) rates and improve sustainability of operations. Such a desire is also compatible with RTA’s vision of becoming “the world leader in transparent and sustainable mobility”.

“The Railway Agency is currently engaged in carrying out a multitude of sustainable development projects and initiatives in collaboration with Keolis-MHI, the Dubai Metro and Tram operator. These initiatives include paper recycling to match the digital transformation of Dubai Metro and Tram operations. In a record period, the agency managed to recycle around 8,622 tons of paper, the equivalent of 146 trees,” he commented.

To make progress in the treatment and recycling of waste, a pilot phase has been launched to treat and recycle 50% to 80% of waste from Dubai metro and tram stations. The project aims to improve Dubai’s environmental strategy, increase recycling rates, implement the highest international sustainability standards and support Dubai’s efforts to achieve zero waste by 2030. This pilot phase of Treatment and recycling of station waste is ongoing at Centrepoint, Burjuman, Gold Souq and Al Jaddaf Metro Stations as well as Marina and Al Sufouh Tram Stations.

In terms of energy saving, LED lighting initiatives are used to rationalize energy consumption, saving 1,161,596 watts/hour, which equates to savings of AED 553,173.

“Reducing the electricity consumption of any entity constitutes an environmental responsibility and contributes to obtaining clean electrical energy at a reasonable cost. This goal is achievable through a variety of initiatives related to maintenance and replacement as well as investment in energy efficient equipment. RTA regularly conducts field surveys to identify ways to save electricity and water consumption and recycle water to use for other purposes such as train washing. The Quality, Health, Safety and Environment team has defined strict principles to improve the efficiency of the use of electricity and water in metro and tram stations,” concluded Kalbat.

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