The conflict in Ukraine is reflected in London’s street art

The conflict in Ukraine is reflected in London’s street art
Girl in a Ukrainian hat, at the back of Rich Mix, Shoreditch. Art by WOSKerski. Image: Matt Brown

The world is in a scary place right now, but it’s also largely united in solidarity with Ukraine. This has notably materialized in the flourishing of street art all over the world. The walls of London are filled with images and words in favor of the beleaguered country, messages of love, peace and Putin-bashing.

We will continue to add to this article as new works emerge. Please email [email protected] if you spot any other good examples.

The words PEACE and LOVE are painted on a black wall in bold street art shapes and in the colors of the Ukrainian flag
Village Underground in Shoreditch carries the simple message of PEACE LOVE in Ukrainian colours. Image: Matt Brown.

Abbey Road studios with blue and yellow street art for Ukraine on the wall
The walls of Abbey Road studios have long been tagged with Beatles messages. Today they are daubed with the message FREE UKRAINE, although unfortunately the writing is slightly obscured by the recycling bins. Image: Matt Brown.

A bit of street art on a bridge says
At Crystal Palace, someone wrote a very British message to Mr Putin. This picture is from Loco Steve under creative commons license.

We went to photograph the next image of Pegasus, on the signs around the Shoreditch Art’Otel, but it had already been painted over. Fortunately, Andrew Patrick White had recorded it.

Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy in Notting Hill has become a focal point for pro-Ukrainian protests and graffiti.

We will add to this article as more illustrations appear. Please send your examples to [email protected]

Last updated March 09, 2022

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