Waste to Art: Oberonians Encouraged to Get Creative and Enter Art Contest | Oberon’s review

Oberon residents will have the opportunity to put waste to good use for the annual Waste to Art contest in May.

Since 2010, the community has entered the exhibition with outstanding entries of all ages and abilities. The contest allows participants to transform waste into something practical, pretty or spectacular with a chance to win a prize.

This year’s theme is flexible plastics, but as always the theme is not compulsory and all waste can be used.

Soft plastics include plastic bags and packaging that become tangled around machinery in material recycling facilities. Machines then have to be shut down and cleared of materials that can no longer be processed for recycling, which wastes time and money.

Some supermarkets have recently set up a red bin collection point for soft plastics, but many either don’t know about it or can’t access the service.

There is a change from the previous categories. Construction and sculpture are replaced by creation, repair, restoration and refurbishment. Now oversized works for functional items that have been restored or creatively repurposed can be captured as an A3 or larger photo, framed and ready to hang in the category they belong to.

Entries will then go on behalf of the Oberon community to the regional competition to be held in Lithgow this year.

The public viewing location is the Robert Hooper Community Center from May 26-28, 2022.

Registration forms are available from the Oberon Library, Oberon Council or in line. Entries and artwork will be submitted May 23 at the Oberon Library and winners will be announced May 25.

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